Taste Vending are based in Bournemouth and have a huge range of machine available to all clients. Our One stop shop approach enables us to charter for every Coffee Shop, Restaurant, Café, Hotel or Office. Taste Vending offer Coffee Machines ranging from Bean to Cup Automatic Machines, Instant Push button machines, Traditional vending which we back up with barista training and we also offer Incup Coffee Machines. Just call us if you are unsure 01202 800600

 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine


 Rheavendor Bean to cup See Bean to cup range

Take a look out our range of Bean to cup coffee machines. From small Bean to cups for 50 cups a day up to 400 cups a day, we will have the machine for you



Fresh Milk Bean to Cup

 Fresh Milk Coffee Machine


See Fresh Milk Bean to cup

Have a Look at the NEW LaRhea Bean to cup coffee machines. These Machines are new to market and can cope with Busy Coffee Shops and Restaurants, Providing a GREAT coffee

Traditional- 1,2,3 & 4 Group  Coffee Machines

 2 Group Elegance See 2 Group Range

These Machines are very reliable and popular for people wanting to make the perfect bespoke cup of coffee, look at our huge range

Instant Push Button

 Matrix Instant Push Button                     See MAtrix Range

The Fast coffee machines are perfect for every environment and are well suited to busy Kiosks and cafes


 Darenth Encore See Darenth Range

Incup machines are made by Darenth and are bullet proof. Easy to use maintain and provide a great coffee


 Keurig Coffee machine See Keurig range

Click and see, these are Clean, Reliable, Easy to use and perfect for a quick delicious coffee

Filter machine

 Bravilor Filter Machines     See Bravilor Range

Our full range of filter machines to suite fast coffee service with quality coffee.


 Blender Range See Blender Range

Blenders are for all our Smoothie Customers. Just hit the time and blend the product

Water Boilers & Water Coolers

 Water Boiler and Cooler              See Water Boilers and Coolers

No we don’t need to explain these ……


Slush Machine and Juice Machines

 Fruit machine        See Range of fruit machines

Provide your customers with a Juicy slush. We stock just a few machine but our Syrups are amazing