Brita Filtration

Below are the BRITA PURITY RANGE of water filtration for Coffee Machines, these filters ensure reliable removal of scale-forming substances, as well as unwanted odours and flavours, and chlorine and heavy metals. All is very important in keeping Coffee machines and Vending machines running for longer. Moreover, the filter in the water safely retains any coarse and fine particles. The PURITY concept is based on a simple idea: For every type of problematic water in the catering industry, BRITA  PURITY offers a simple solution. 


Filtration stages PURITY Quell ST
Filtration stage
1. Prefiltration -The expansion media removes coarse particles
 2. Carbonate hardness reduction -An ion exchanger reduces the carbonate hardness content and prevents scale deposits
3. Activated carbon filtration- Substances that can impair taste and odour are eliminated
4. Fine filtration- Retains particles measuring up to 10 µm
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